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How many lives has the lockdown saved due to decreased levels of pollution?

After eight weeks of confinement in Spain, we are now finally able to go outside and get some exercise in the fresh air, and I do mean fresh. According to the European Environment Agency, Nitrogen oxide levels decreased by 75%, sightings of rare wildlife increased and the seas are cleaner, causing sightings of shoals of dolphins to swim up and down the Valencian coast. Outdoor exercise is permitted between 6am and 10am and 8pm and 11pm. Now is the time to enjoy a great post lockdown bike ride to get some truly fresh air. If you don’t have a bike, BikeAlao currently has two bike rental shops in Valencia. You can rent a bike by contacting us by Whatsapp or via the website. We also provide e-scooter rental in our Ruzafa and Cabanyal shops.

In the first 4 months of 2020 Covid-19 took over our lives, caused us to close our businesses and lock ourselves in our homes. Sadly for over 27,000 unlucky people, the virus took their lives. The death toll can only rise, but hopefully the health syste…

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