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E-scooter Legislation Still Pending in Valencia

Christmas is over and Santa Claus and the 3 Kings have been and gone. In Valencia, they brought a lot of e-scooters to the increasing number of people who want to move around in a fun, environmentally friendly and fast manner. The main issue is that there is still no finalised legislation for e-scooters in Valencia.

The bike rental industry is booming and many companies, such as BikeAlao, also offer e-scooter rental as a result of the high demand in Valencia. Locals like to try them out with a view to purchase and tourists see them as an alternative to riding a bike.

On 6 January Las Provincias newspaper dedicated the front page and pages 2, 3 and 4 (including some nice photos of BikeAlao’s scooters) to “el incierto futuro de los patinetes”, the uncertain future of the e-scooters.

The article documents that sales of e-scooters in Valencia tripled in the month leading up to Christmas and that the use of e-scooters is more than just a trend. It also outlined the rules which have been adopt…

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