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New Rules for Riding e-Scooters in Valencia

The e-scooter phenomenon has come very quickly and now it is almost as common to see an e-scooter being ridden in Valencia as it is a bicycle. Many of the bike rentals is Valencia, including BikeAlao, now also rent e-scooters. Due to the explosion in popularity of e-scooters, local authorities had not had time to come up with any rules of movement for such vehicles, until now.

Accepting that e-scooters are a quick and environmentally friendly mode of transport, local authorities have created rules which will hopefully allow everybody to travel in harmony.

The first city to create rules in Spain was Barcelona, and now other cities are following suit. The city of Valencia councillor for sustainable mobility, Giuseppe Grezzi stated last week that he is preparing a new regulation for e-scooters. Grezzi said that the rule will be similar to the rules for bikes.

According to the planned regulations, e-scooters must be used on the bikes lanes and keep to a speed of 10 km per hour. If an e-sc…

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