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Maybe it is time to leave the car at home in Valencia

With over 100 bike rental shops in Valencia and hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes, Valencia is the perfect city to move around on a bike or an e-scooter. 
According to Airvisual’s list of the world’s most polluted cities for 2018, Valencia is now more polluted than Madrid and Bilbao. Madrid has made an effort to reduce emissions by restricting the speed limit and alternating between odd and even registration plates. This has meant that when restrictions are in place, the number of cars on the road on any given day is halved. 
Joan Ribó, the mayor of Valencia, has taken a different approach. By building more bike lanes, the mayor and transport councilor Giuseppe Grezzi have allowed bikes to become the easiest and fastest way of getting from A to B. With a strong infrastructure and a high number of bike rental services in Valencia, including a public bike sharing scheme, it would appear to be the perfect opportunity to clean up the city by reducing emissions.

Unfortunately, the new bi…

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