Top three bike routes to keep fit in the New Year - Part three

The Turia Riverbed

The third our BikeAlao’s chosen routes is a more leisurely ride through the Turia park. If you don’t own one, you can rent a bike in Valencia in Ruzafa or in Cabañal. It is also possible to do this route by e-scooter. 

Riding by the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia Turia park

This is the simplest and busiest route but it gets a lot quieter in the winter and with the park being quite sheltered from the elements, it is an enjoyable ride on a sunny winter’s day. The park is the old riverbed of the Turia river, which stretches 9 kms across the city.

Our route is mainly flat and takes you up and down the Turia park for a total of about 22kms. Starting from Estacion del Norte ride along calle Ruzafa and down Reino de Valencia, crossing the road into the park. There are two bike lanes on either side of the park so we recommend taking a right in the park towards the City of Arts and Sciences on the right hand bike lane. The bike lane passes the City of Arts and Sciences and reaches the end by the railway quite quickly. Here turn around and head in the opposite direction on the other bike lane, also on the right from the riding direction.

The bike lane takes you the full length of the park, passing the Palau de la Música and the Museum of Fine Arts on the right, the Serranos Towers on the left, as well as the greenery inside the park. There are a few cafes in the park where you can stop for a drink or a bite at any time. After the Nuevo Centro shops there is a brief incline for about 40 metres. It flattens out and the bike track continues along to the end of the park, called Parque de Cabecera, where you will find the Biopark (the Zoo).

It is possible to continue the ride and follow the real river Turia as far as you like. The route along the river is off-road so we would not recommend a city bike, rather a hybrid or a mountain bike for this extension.

The extension of Turia park after Parque de Cabecera

From the zoo, turn around and head back through the park staying on the right to enjoy a different route on the other side of the park. Exit the park at Reino de Valencia or Peris y Valero and head back into town.

BikeAlao offers a guided Turia park bike tour and provides information on the buildings, bridges and sights you will see along the way.

Whatever your plans for winter, we hope stay fit and active in 2020. If you hire a bike at BikeAlao, we will give you maps and information on any routes you would like to do, no matter how long or short.

Try this tour on a city bike or a trekking bike


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