Cruise ship passengers to Valencia hits 1 million in the last year

Cruise ship passengers to Valencia hits 1 million in the last year

The ports of Valencia have registered more than 1 million passengers for the first time ever in the year from September 2016 to September 2017. This represents the largest number of cruise passengers to the region in history and is an increase of 23% from the previous year.

The Valencia Port Authorities have put this dramatic increase down to a new and easy connection on a new line to the Algerian port of Mostaganem and others to the situation in Catalonia.

Recent political unrest in Catalonia has led some Barcelona bound cruises to divert the Barcelona leg of their Med cruises to Valencia in order to guarantee a safe and enjoyable stay in the city.

A cruise ship can hold as many as 13,000 passengers who spend an average of 1–2 days in the city. Regular buses connect the port to the city centre and the port area itself is on the up and up, meaning many passengers choose to stay in the port areas of Grao and Cabañal, with easy access to the beach.

The local amenities on offer are reflected in this increase of visitors with many new shops, restaurants and tourist services, such as bike rental and tours with BikeAlao Bike Rentals on offer to those who prefer to stay near the ship, go to the beach or to see the city by bicycle.

The political situation in Catalonia is widely expected to settle but the forecast for cruise ship traffic to Valencia is looking to continue this upward trend, making Valencia and particularly the port area a great place to invest.


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