Easter Comes to Cabanyal

This year Easter comes early. While we are still recovering from another noisy Fallas, the brotherhoods of the maritime area of Valencia are all ready to march around the streets in a series of Easter processions.

There are 30 cofradías, or brotherhoods, in the maritime area of Valencia, which includes Nazaret, Grao, Cabanyal and Malvarrosa. Over the course of the week they will be celebrating the passion of Christ and marching around wearing ominous looking pointed hoods. The processions carry a figure of Christ and the level of gruesomeness varies according to the artist who made it. Each procession has a band and the music is typically Valencian, with a lot of drumming and revelry. It’s a lot of fun.

Many of the streets are blocked off to accommodate the processions and the streets are lined with onlookers taking a few snapshots and enjoying the festivities.

It’s possible to rent a bike and ride around the ciclocalles of Cabanyal, with a few diversions in the case of a procession. You can rent your bike in Valencia from 2 euros by going to BikeAlao Bike Rental or even take our 2 hour guided tour of the maritime district, which includes a ride around the beautiful fishermen’s cottages, a look at the glorious street art in the district and a tour along the sea front, the tinglados and the port. To reserve a maritime tour go to www.bikealao.com/tours and send us your request.

If you have never been down to the maritime area of Valencia during Easter, it’s well worth the trip. Whatever you decide to do this year, we at Bikealao wish you a happy Easter holiday.

Encouraging words from the brotherhood closest to BikeAlao Bike Rental


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