Bicifest Valencia to peak on the 19th and 20th May

The second edition of the Bicifest Valencia will reach its climax on the weekend of 19–20 May in sector IX of the Turia riverbed park.

The festival will include activities related to the world of cycling in Valencia for all ages and abilities.

Organised by the local council, the aim of the festival is to make the whole city and the metropolitan area accessible by bicycle and bring awareness to the general public and allowing the cycling community to demonstrate the advantages of owning or renting a bike in Valencia.

The festival started in April, but the main event on 19–20 May, the Bicimostra, will feature a bike shop, a bicycle polo competition and exhibition, a family bike guide, cargobike races, bike chic parades, an exhibition of classic bikes, and BMX circuits, among many other things. If you don’t know what some of these things are then come along and see for yourself. No festival in Valencia would be complete without live music and the bike festival is no exception.

The Valencia bike festival is a free event and sector IX of the park is close to the Puente de las Flores. It can be easily reached by bike to get into the swing of things. If you would like to enjoy the festival and all of Valencia by bike, you can rent a bike on  Bikealao also offers bike tours of Valencia, including a riverbed bike tour. The tours include bike hire, a guide and a free drink at the shop.

BikeAlao trekking bike in front of colourful street art in Cabañal
A BikeAlao trekking bike ready to join Bicifest Valencia!


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