A perfect day out in El Saler

After a whimsical spring, summer has finally arrived in Valencia. The sea is a refreshing 21 degrees Celcius and is the perfect way to cool down after a bike ride down the coast. One of our all-time favourite bike rides in Valencia is to El Saler beach. 

Starting at Bikealao, ride down to the Port of Valencia on the designated bike lane, take a right across the river and ride round the village of Nazaret, following the bike lane and signposts indicating El Saler. 

The bike track hits the seafront at Pinedo and continues along the coast among sandy beaches, dunes and pine trees.

There are several car parks and restaurants along the way and people tend to accumulate on the beach near these areas.

The beauty of riding a bike to El Saler, other than the sheer pleasure of the ride and the beauty of the place, is that you can choose a spot on the beach with no car parks or restaurants. These areas tend to be far quieter so you can enjoy the virgin beach without crowds of people to contend with.

It is a good idea to take a picnic, but if it feels a little hot and the idea of a warm, soggy sandwich doesn’t appeal, then El Saler village has a number of bars and restaurants and is just a half kilometre ride from the seafront. If you are feeling more ambitious, then the village of El Palmar, by the Albufera lake, is an easy to reach option. To get here, you must ride down the hard shoulder of the road for a few kilometres, before entering the village, famed for its many paella restaurants. The road is quite safe but do ride carefully and stay on the right of the white line.

The bike ride to El Saler is about 12 km from the BikeAlao shop so it is a lovely idea to rent a bike, ride to El Saler, cool off with a dip in the sea, have lunch in the village, back to the beach and then ride back to the shop in the evening to relax with a cold beer.

You can hire a bike with BikeAlao Bike Rental and Tours, close to the Port of Valencia, for as little as 2 euros. BikeAlao also does tours to the Albufera.

Whatever you do, we hope you have a great summer!

El Saler beach with clear water is refreshing after an intensive bike ride

Sand dunes full of vegetation are protected in El Saler


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