E-scooter Legislation Still Pending in Valencia

Christmas is over and Santa Claus and the 3 Kings have been and gone. In Valencia, they brought a lot of e-scooters to the increasing number of people who want to move around in a fun, environmentally friendly and fast manner. The main issue is that there is still no finalised legislation for e-scooters in Valencia.

The bike rental industry is booming and many companies, such as BikeAlao, also offer e-scooter rental as a result of the high demand in Valencia. Locals like to try them out with a view to purchase and tourists see them as an alternative to riding a bike.

On 6 January Las Provincias newspaper dedicated the front page and pages 2, 3 and 4 (including some nice photos of BikeAlao’s scooters) to “el incierto futuro de los patinetes”, the uncertain future of the e-scooters.

The article documents that sales of e-scooters in Valencia tripled in the month leading up to Christmas and that the use of e-scooters is more than just a trend. It also outlined the rules which have been adopted and await authorisation.

According to the paper, the latest rules awaiting authorisation are that:
  • riding on the footpath is strictly forbidden and carries a 1500 euro fine
  • the maximum speed in a designated pedestrian zone is 10kph,
  • 15kph on a bike lane on the pavement, 
  • 20kph on a bike lane on the road and 
  • 30kph on roads with a limit of 30kph. 
The majority of scooters have a top speed of 25kph so the last one is for more expensive or upgraded models.

The minimum age to use an e-scooter in public areas is 16. Children under 16 can use an e-scooter if it is deemed adequate for the age, height and weight of the child. Children can only ride them in areas closed to traffic and away from flowing transport areas. They must be accompanied by an adult. One such area where a child can enjoy an e-scooter is on the old F1 circuit in the port of Valencia.

The e-scooters can be parked in the same areas designated for bicycles. If there is no bike-park they can be locked to urban installations such as lampposts. Interestingly, bicycles do not have this option.

One of the main complaints comes from pedestrians who claim that the e-scooter riders are irresponsible and dangerous. The same can be said of cyclists so the key here is to ride safely and with great consideration for pedestrians at all times.

E-scooters are here to stay in Valencia and, together with bikes, will hopefully reduce traffic and pollution.

If you would like to hire an e-scooter or a bike in Valencia visit BikeAlao in Cabañal.

Front page of Las Provincias on 6 January, discussing the legislation concerning e-scooters to be finalised 


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